Hifdh – Select Your Surah

The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “Recite the Qur’aan, for indeed it will come forth on the Day of Judgment as an intercessor for its companion” (Sahih Muslim).

The memorisation of the Holy Qur’aan is one of the most virtuous actions in Islam. It is narrated that whosoever commits the Qur’aan to memory, will be honoured by Allah Almighty on the Day of Judgement being ordered to recite and elevate through the levels of Paradise according to the number of verses they had memorised (Ahmad).

This program is aimed at dedicated and committed students who intend to memorise their desired Surah(s). Students who have studied Intermediate Tajweed & Qiraa’ah™ and Advanced Tajweed & Qiraa’ah™ or equivalent may progress onto this program. During this program, students will revisit the Rules of Tajweed and learn the different methods of memorisation whilst retaining and revising previous Surahs.

Who is this Course for

This course is aimed at students who are serious and dedicated to start memorising Surahs of their choice from the Holy Qur’aan and have previously studied Intermediate Tajweed & Qiraa’ah™ and Advanced Tajweed & Qiraa’ah™ or equivalent.

Learning Objectives

In this program you will learn:

  1. Memorise Surahs of your choice.
  2. Learn various techniques on how to memorise the Qur’aan and the best one that works for you.
  3. Develop your memorisation skills and learn efficient ways on how to retain and expand your memory.
  4. Be directed by your instructor on how you can improve your overall recitation whilst memorising the Qur’aan.
  5. Revisit the rules of Tajweed alongside your memorisation.

Our Approach

The Al Tibyan teaching approach involves the following:

  1. Comprehensive progress & homework log accessible online.
  2. Highlighting & focussing on areas of improvement.
  3. Teaching the Qur’aan through student engagement, interaction & repetition.
  4. Small class size to ensure individual attention & full focus from teacher.
  5. Written feedback every lesson highlighting areas of improvement & achievement.
  6. Consistently maintaining high quality and standard of teaching through teacher observations.
  7. Teachers maintain a goal focussed positive attitude to empower students to attain success.
  8. An emphasis on a friendly yet professional learning environment.

Program Duration

3 Months

Course Requirements

  1. Exclusive Beginners Workbook (provided by Al Tibyan Institute)
  2. Notepad and Pen – Taking notes is essential
  3. Access to the internet with Skype (see Hardware section for full details)

Course Pre-requisites

  1. Students must be well equipped in the pronunciation of letters.
  2. Students must have studied Intermediate Tajweed & Qiraa’ah™ or Advanced Tajweed & Qiraa’ah™ or equivalent.
  3. Students must be able to recite the Qur’aan fluently with correct Tajweed.
  4. You will be given an initial assessment to establish your level, after which you will be allocated a class.


Group Classes (6 students maximum)
Course Fees: £8.00 per hour

Private One-to-One Classes
Course Fees: £22.00 per hour or £18.70 per hour for 3 monthly subscriptions when paid in full. (15% discount).


You will be required to carry out a minimum of 3 hours a week of revision in order to progress with success.

Assessments (Daily & Termly)

Each week you will be assessed on the content taught in the previous week, this includes both practical and theoretical elements. Results will be analysed and future lessons will focus on strengthening your areas of improvement.


You will be assessed at the end of the program, this will comprise of both practical and theoretical assessment, passing (above 80%) the termly assessment ensures that you will progress to the next level.


Upon completion, all courses will be certified by Al Tibyan Institute.


Upon completing this program, you will be able to recite the Qur’aan whilst applying the basic rules of Tajweed. At the end of this course your level of Tajweed will make you comfortable and confident to move onto the next level; Intermediate Tajweed & Qiraa’ah.

Internet Requirements

Minimum connection type is a dial-up connection with at least 56 kbps bandwidth.

Recommended connection type is broadband or ADSL.

Hardware & Software Requirements

Students are required to have a working headset and microphone.
Skype (available at www.skype.com) should be installed on your computer.