Overview - The Little Reciter

To prepare a generation of outstanding youth specialising in the field of Qur’aan and Islamic sciences built on knowledge, action and character.


  • To provide an enriching, yet fun environment for young Muslims to thrive and excel in Qur’anic studies.
  • To enable young students to become experts in the recitation of the Qur’aan and develop an eternal love for learning and teaching the Book of Allah.
  • To provide authentic teachings of the Qur’aan & Sunnah upon the understanding of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).
  • To embed good character in every child according to the tradition and values of Islaam.
  • To enable young Muslims to develop a strong foundation of the Arabic language to help them understand the message of the Qur’aan.
  • To help students develop closeness to their Creator through studying the basics of their religion including Aqeedah (creed/faith), ‘Ibaadah (worship) & Akhlaaq (character/mannerisms).

About the Instructor

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Shaikh Muhammad ‘Uthman Al-Qasim completed his memorisation of the Holy Qur’aan in Jordan, in 2004/1425AH.

Shaikh ‘Uthman Al-Qasim has taught the Qur’aan at various levels to both children and adults for over 15 years. His classes range from Beginners through Advanced levels as well as Hifdh (memorisation) programs. He holds an Ijaazah (License) in Tajweed from Shaikh Muhammad Ahmad Al-Bakri Al-Minyaawi (Kuwait) by way of Imam Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim.

He has led Taraweeh prayers on a global scale since 1997 including UK, Makkah, Kuwait and USA. His recordings are available worldwide.

At present Shaikh ‘Uthman Al-Qasim is the director and lead instructor at Al Tibyan Institute; specialising in Qur’anic sciences. He is passionate about teaching the Qur’aan and keen to ensure that every student he teaches excels and succeeds in their study of the Holy Qur’aan.


Shaikh Muhammad
Uthman Al-Qasim

Teaching Approach

  • Comprehensive progress & homework log accessible online.
  • Highlighting & focussing on areas of improvement.
  • All subjects taught through student engagement, interaction & repetition.
  • Small class sizes to ensure individual attention & full focus.
  • Weekly feedback highlighting areas of improvement & achievement.
  • Consistently maintaining high quality and standard of teaching through teacher observations.
  • Teachers maintain a goal focussed positive attitude to empower students to attain success.
  • An emphasis on a friendly yet professional learning environment.
  • Certification for completed courses / levels.
  • Participation in national Qur’aan competitions in Kuwait.


Program 1 – 30 KD per month per student payable monthly or quarterly (90 KD / 3 months).

Program 2 – 40 KD per month per student payable monthly or quarterly (120 KD / 3 months).


Term begins 8th December 2019.
Term Ends 11th June 2020.

January 12th – 23rd
March 22nd – 28th
June 11th – September 1st

All national holidays.


Including Country Code
Including Country Code
2 days a week
3 days a week
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